Home Services

Automatic Delivery

R.M. Packer Company offers automatic delivery for your convenience. Please notify us if there will be any change in fuel consumption needs or change of use of your property so we may better serve you during the winter months.

Payment Plans

We offer several options for savings:

We accept cash, check and most credit cards for your convenience. We are working hard to make Internet payment possible in the future. Visit this site for updates on our progress.

Tank Installation and Removal

R.M. Packer Company is certified to install and remove tanks from the smallest 275 to the biggest 10,000 gallon tank. When removing your old tank, think of Packer Co. to replace your tank with a new steel or Roth tank.

Annual Maintenance*

An efficient heating system conserves fuel and saves money.

Our certified service technicians are available to perform annual equipment maintenance and tune-ups. We test your unit to achieve maximum efficiency. Our vans are fully equipped with replacement parts, allowing us to fix most problems at your home. For your safety, our technicians also check the carbon monoxide level in your home with computerized testers.

*Island Club Members receive 10% discount on tune-ups March – October.

Cleaning Services (March - October)

In the publication Get the Most from Your Heating Oil Dollar, the EPA recommends an annual tune-up of your heating system for the following reasons:

  • An annual tune-up saves money. The amount of savings will depend on several factors, but could be as much as 13% of your total annual fuel bill.
  • Having annual maintenance performed during the summer months, expensive, unexpected equipment failures are less likely to occur during the heating season.
  • An annual tune-up reduces pollution. The EPA also recommends that annual tune-ups should be performed by qualified oil burner service technicians so that the unit is properly adjusted using the correct instruments.

Complimentary Environmental Insurance

You’re Covered with R.M. Packer

We offer a unique and valuable homeowner insurance policy for pollution protection called Comfort Heat Plus. This policy, available to all of our customers with aboveground heating oil tanks, can help you protect up to $400,000 in potentially harmful and costly mishaps like pollution cleanup in the event of a spill or leak in your tank. Comfort Heat Plus protects your home and environment from sudden or accidental oil spills at no additional cost and is renewed annually.

To qualify for this valuable service, you must simply:

  • Receive all oil supply from R.M. Packer
  • Have an aboveground oil tank
  • Have oil lines protected by sleeve or oil safety valve
  • Have no readily visible wear, tear, and deterioration